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Catharine bike trail

Catharine bike trail

The king of France painted in Mintour Falls

Tumbling Waters in Mintour Falls

Our front lawn in Hejamada Campground, Montezuma NY

Our fishing hole at Hejamada Campground

Our flowers at Hehamada Campground

Thursday, September 25, 2008 Hejamada Campground and RV Park, Montezuma, NY

It is now 4pm and we are comfortably settled in for the rest of this day. We have had a most relaxing and easy day and have enjoyed every minute of it.

We began our day after breakfast by taking a bike ride along the Catharine Creek Trail out of the little village just south of Watkins Glen by the name of Montour Falls. “We” (how I often take credit when it was not “we”, but Chuck”) loaded the bicycles in the back of the truck and headed south to this little trail. It was at one time the railroad bed/tow line for the Catharine Creek. This means that it was pretty level…my kind of biking trail! It was so gorgeous at 9am when we arrived. The sun was breaking through the branches and leaves of the trees the overhung the trail. The creek was not always visible, but when it was, it was so pretty. The trail itself was mostly covered with fallen leaves and the edges were lined with vines, ferns, blackberry vines, and lots of other types of plants. There was often a little squirrel or chipmunk that scurried across the path and there were birds and lots of other rustling noises as we pedaled by. The temperature was cool at first (around 58-60), but we soon warmed and it became perfect. It was only a total of 10 miles, but we did need to get back to the campground and get checked out by 11am. We were late by 5 minutes! It was a great ending to a wonderful 4 day stay in that particularly beautiful State Park. We shall always remember it well…at least for the next week or so till our memories fade!

We drove north out of Watkins Glen along the western side of Seneca Lake toward the town of Geneva (a really BIG place after our last week here in the Finger Lake villages) and then eastward and a bit north to our campground here in Montezuma. It was maybe 50 miles total! A long day for us lately! We are here almost by ourselves in the middle of a freshly mown field surrounded by lots of trees skirting the property. There is a creek and a pond and that is about it. Chuck is busy now sorting and repairing some fishing stuff and plans to drop a line and hook into the pond a little later.

We did again put the bikes (there I go again taking undue credit) in the pickup and hoped to be able to bike around the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge….but bikes are not allowed because they disturb the birds! Cars and trucks are OK, but no bicycles????

So, we passed that by and headed east to the town of Auburn and after driving around for 15 minutes, we looked at each other and both wanted to go “home”. So, here we are…real adventurous stay at home retired folks.

We had such a late lunch…actually ate something besides as apple and cheese and jerky…so I am not sure what, if anything we will do for supper…maybe an apple, cheese, and jerky!? Big decisions. I may just sit and read or sit and knit or just sit!

So that was the exciting recap of our day.

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