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I can't really remember what we did today but I 'think' we just hung around Koh San road for the most part of it.

Oh yeah we saw a picture frame we liked in a shop but ran away when the woman said 750 Baht (That's like GBP12.50!) but after looking around for a bit we decided we liked that one and went back with our haggle boots on!

When we got there it was a man in there so we asked him how much and he said 350 baht!!!

BONUS!!!! We saw another one we liked for 350 baht as well and got both of them for 500 baht (200 Baht less than the lady wanted for one of them!!!)

We felt quite good about that and I'm pretty sure we had a beer to celebrate.

I don't think we did too much that night.

As I say I can't really remember!!


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