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Maaan that's one huuuuuuge buddha!

Some smaller buddha's!

The "Lucky Buddha" It's supposed to bring you luck n stuff so...

And then Ozz heard the rumors.....

The Lucky Buddha's house

We have no idea! But he was blasting out The I...

Random man in a random hat!

Some really cool live music....again very much Eagles related which me likey!

We arrived in Bangkok at about 7am this morning after at most half an hours sleep!

We got a cab up to our Guest House (which is slightly away from the main backpacker area but still ok and close enough not to be a problem) and then got some brecko there.

After this we got cleaned up and then headed out for a bit of a wander.

About 5 minutes later some really nice Thai dude called Boi asked us where we were going etc and then showed us places that we really 'should' see while here. Especially today as it was the Queens birthday or something and you are allowed to see/touch Buddhas you wouldn't normally be allowed to....

He then hailed us down a Tuk Tuk and agreed on a price (40 Baht - about 60p!) for driving us all over town.

How unbelievably nice is that!!?!?!

Anyway we went to the 'Giant Buddha', then the 'Black Buddha' (that is also lucky) where we did meet a really nice dude who told us about it (he supported Man U though!), and then went to the actual 'Lucky Buddha' (but we couldn't find that though!).

The only problem was, which we have since found out is a scam, was that the Tuk Tuk driver insisted on taking us to a government run shop as if we have a look around it the Tuk Tuk driver gets a coupon for some free fuel. Ok a bit cheeky but we'll go into a shop, say no thanks and then leave again.

Anyway he dropped us off at a tailors and the man inside was very nice, but before he could start to sell us anything we told him that we were travelling and didn't want or need any suits or dresses for the time being. As I say he was very nice about it and even agreed, so we left feeling all ok about the whole thing - every one was happy.

We'll aparently not - our Tuk Tuk mans face was like thunder when we exited the shop 2 minutes after we had entered it. "You were'nt in there long enough!".

"You didn't tell us we had to be in there for a certain amount of time did you!?!?".

The damage was done. We had an angry Tuk Tuk driver on our hands. He was 2 wheeling it round every corner (and seeing as they only have 3 to begin with wasn't great!!) but then asked us to go to another place (a jewelery shop) so he could get this coupon. This annoyed us but we went in anyway to try and cheers this little b@stard up (Em ended up buying a GBP5.00 bracelet and I bought an f'ing bookmark!).

We exited the shop this time showing him our wears but not even a sniff of a smile or a thank you.

We told him to just drop us off at Koh San road (2 temples early!) just because he had wound us up. And it turns out even Boi was in on the scam, and he seemed really nice, but then I guess that's why the scam works isn't it!

Annoying but we didn't get done too badly I guess.

ANYWAY! Koh San road is the main backpacker type of area in Bangkok.

When we got there it was quite strange because about 80% of the people there were Westeners which was completey different to what we had experienced so far.

We did see a few wrong-ens that were sun burnt, in reebok classics, and had braided hair as well! Not a good look unless you're planning on going on Jeremy Kyle!!

Anyway it was a bit cheesey there but still relaxed enough.

We had a look around the hotels here to compare to the one we were already staying in and basically they weren't as nice and were more expensive so we decided to stay where we were.

All that walking about was thirsty work so we had a couple of beers at a bar and got chatting to a couple of guys there.

That was cool however about every 2 minutes a street seller would try and sell you some crap, which wasn't too bad as they were quite polite and had a bit of a laugh with you, but after 2 hours you can imagine how many times you had to say no to them.

From here we went up to a roof top bar where they had some live music on. One of them was like an Asian Cowboy (in a different way to the street sellers!) but they were very good and we had a cool night there. I even watched the 2nd half of the Spurs game when they finished playing (wish I hadn't bothered!) and I think we left at about 1am or something.

We did catch some Mcdinner on the way home though (as we hadn't eaten since brecko!) and it was amazing - even looked like the photo's too!! Gotta love those Thai's man!!!

We finally crashed after a long but cool first day in Bangkok.


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