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View from our bedroom

The 'essential' fridge and cable TV when backpacking!!! Oh and my wig...

View from room

And again.

Aaaaand again.

Hotel entrance. I think we're making a big deal out of this...

View from front of hotel.

And again.

The Hotel. Bet you feel like you've stayed there as well now...

A gay or 'happy' monk. Don't tell his mates I said that...

Ooooooooooh arty. A book of Thailand diagonaly place on top of our...

Em trying to find the Thai for "You can shove the hotel...

Our coach down into Thailand left at about midday today but as we woke up later than we expected time was short this morning. I changed some currency up and we got some brunch and then we had to head off.

We really enjoyed Vang Vieng but if we ever see an episode of Friends again it'll be too soon!

It was a really beautiful place though and sooooooooo relaxing and friendly man!

We 'were' going to get an overnight train down to Bangkok but aparently the railway in Thailand was flooded so we had to get a bus instead. Or 3 buses to be exact!

It wasn't a major problem but the main Coach which we were on from about 7pm till 7am wasn't a sleeper bus so it was quite difficult to get any proper sleep, but such is life!

Oh also this coach blew a tire (which Em pre-empted) and then the engine wouldn't start after we stopped at about 3am. Doh!

Luckily it wasn't that busy on the coach though so we could stretch out a bit.

Was knackered when we arrived in Bangkok though..

Photo's to follow


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