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Well we live with an irish man now so we have to celebrate these things...although we didnt go out drinking at 10am like the rest of the irish population of Sydney! I really dont think there can be any irish left in Ireland...they are all here..i reckon Dublin is looking like one of those old western type towns where the streets are empty and a lone newspaper blows down the street with 'wanted' pictures on it!

imagination running away with me.sorry! i think thats something to do with the 'free' flu shot i have just had a work...yes the benefits over here are needles stuck in your arm at lunch time! and good old britain only gives them to the over 70's! feeling slightly woozy headed now though hence the western images going on in my head.

so anyway we went out last night for about 2 hours as thats all us Pommy girls could manage. There is only so much guiness throwing, green hat wearing you can cope with! As soon as Mel had combined the 2 and had her photo taken in a Guinness hat we were out of there!

Its a shame that we dont celebrate our national day the way they do but then i guess we do that when England are playing international matches huh?

8 days and counting til we're off to Melbourne. Mel & I fly down on Saturday which takes just over an hour and Pete and Em are driving down in their new 'campervan' (yes emma brassington is setting up home in a campervan!) so should arrive on Monday night.

will let you know how the move etc goes next week

love the very english Vik, Em & Mel

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