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Liz! Definitely my favourite African child. PS. The shadows just make my...

That day had been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot. Also Dollar!

I threw some water at them, then took a photo!

Liz being a water buffalo!

R-r-r-refurbished kids rooms, now with new mattresses, blankets and later on this...

More like Errorism. HAR DE HARRR. This was also right next to...

Bujagali falls on the Nile! Reckon I'll go rafting on that :)

Hill, the cheaper alternative to clothesline.

The tree REALLY liked that bit of rock. In the middle of...


Me and other Alison in traditional gear!

Me, other Alison and James before we headed off for the ceremony

Part of the dowry the hubbies family had to pay to the...

Bride and groom and cake!

Cake! Ladies in orange are the sisters of the bride.


Ugly salon. HA!

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Hi again!

The past week has been WAY more productive and busy than the past couple of weeks, I was a little concerned with how slowly things were moving but I'm now back on track!

The new guy James arrived last Monday, and brought a list of things that the dudes back in Aus wanted to get done out here, so we've been busily working on that, looking to have a water tank setup so the kids will be able to have some clean drinking water out in the village, as well as a pig/ goat pen for income generation, fixing up the play equipment and getting some more school equipment out for the kids (they currently have none!). We've been into the local market, and after a bit of bartering we've got the basic costs for the equipment we want to make it work, and yesterday and today we went in to get measurements for all the equipment we're going to purchase, so we should start construction within the next week or so.

ALSO, last saturday the host parents that other Alison was staying with had an introduction (called a quanjulah, which is pretty much a traditional marriage). Alison, James and I got invited to go, on one condition- we had to wear traditional clothing for it, which is pretty much a dress with a suit over the top, with black shoes (although I only had my sneakers, everyone kept saying that "you look so smart!". I'm not sure if that's just a nice way of saying silly :P The neck was a little tight, as I was borrowing the outfit from realtively little Chris, but otherwise it was fairly comfortable, as long as you didn't have any stairs to go up or if you were taking long strides (unfortunately for me)! But you guys can see for yourselves at how it looked :P

We also finally got the new bedding and pillows organised for the children, and hopefully the mosquito nets will be out there soon as well! The old mattresses are getting fumigated at the moment to get rid of all the bed bugs, so we'll be able to take them out to the local grannies as well soon!

Also last weekend me and James down to Bujagali Falls, which is a part of the Nile that is fairly close to Jinja. I've decided with James to go rafting on it, while Alison decided she preferred the safety of dry land. I can't wait :P

I've also been taking pics of any interesting signs I've been seeing around, so I'll continue putting them up as I go along!

Hope you guys are having fun back home, I can't wait to see you all again!


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