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On The Tee

In The Hole

Happy Golfer

WOW! What a day. Today something happened that I have been waiting 43 years for. Well it goes like this, I started golfing when I was12 years old and one of the things I have learned through those 43 years since then is that getting a hole in one is one of the most awesome things you can do. Well today I got a HOLE IN ONE!!!!!

I was golfing with my brother-in-law Doug Leflar at a course called Pheasantback a few miles north of Stettler Ab. It is a very picturesque, rolling course with lots of water and very fast greens. The golf game started off slow as I bogeyed #1 and double bogeyed #2, then I went on to par 5 straight holes. As we are approaching the 8th tee I turned to Doug to comment that the game was going OK.

We then walked up to the tee. The 8th hole is a Par 3 of 130 yds. You tee off from a slightly elevated tee box over a bit of water and on to a large green. The pin was placed approximately mid green. I decided to hit a 9 iron. As the shot sailed towards the green I could hear Doug comment that it was right at the flag. With one bounce my ball disappeared into the cup. I stood for a moment not believing what I had just accomplished. Then I turned to Doug and went YEH! DID YOU SEE THAT? I am sure other golfers all over the course must have heard me. We drove down to the green slowly as I savoured the moment. I walked up on the green and pulled my ball from the hole. I thought to myself, you finally did it! The feeling was fantastic and I knew what ever happened during the rest of the round, it would be quite anti-climatic

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