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Before we went tubing Emma ate a massive doughnut

Ok all the photos that follow are gonna be tubing and booze...













We never did find out what a baguette sandwich was!!!

My face after I realised I had spent the past 10 minutes...

It's funny really when you think about it!!!
















Vang Vieng is most famous or infamous for tubing as we understand it.

For anyone who has never heard of it before tubing is basically a pub crawl on a river in a rubber ring.

So when in Vang Vieng.......

We got a Tuk Tuk at about midday which took us about 3 miles up river to start the 'tubing'.

We were out of our 'tubes' about 30 seconds later at the first bar!!!

It was a bit cheesy with loud music and lots of booze but it was still good fun and everyone was in high spirits.

I guess there were about 8 bars along the river but I think we only stopped at about 3 of them because the others were'nt that busy.

The three we stopped at though all had some sort of swing/deathslide situations going on, and one even had a mudbath/volleyball court!! - which Em rocked in!!

Anyway we obviously met a few people on the way and the cocktail buckets did their jobs superbly!

Now it gets dark at about 6-6.30ish so the plan was to get back before then because sitting on a tube, drunk, in a fast flowing river can be pretty dangerous enough, let alone when it's dark as well...........

Soooooooooo we left the last bar at about 6.15pm for the last 30 minutes tube ride to the end. Yes you do the math.

It was pitch black by the time we had to get off, oh AND the river split in two just before that so some of us were going completely the wrong way!

Luckily there was about 10-15 of us all coming back together so we all just about managed to scramble out of the water to safety.

We all dried ourselves off and went out that evening to the 'Bucket Bar' where the cocktails continued to flow and a very funny night ensued.

It ended at about 2am when the heavens opened and the rain came flooding down again.

Today was such a laugh.

I suspect we'll have a wicked hangover tomorrow though as we haven't eaten all day!



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