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Forgetting to shut the curtain the night before the suns rays poured in and woke us at an ungodly hour, but at least we were ready to get up and see more of Nikko. This has been clearly one of the best days so far, the shrines were diverse and unbelievably ornate. The feeling of climbing higher up the mountains and deeper into the forests to find yet another cultural feast for the eyes is truely indescribable, but i hope my photos will suffice.

Later we slipped into a `coffee and cake` shop where i had a chocolate cake literally saturated in a brandy - yummy, but unfinishable. But we felt ok parting our money to the owner who had a side business of sellign his pottery work; and seeing the empitiness of the neighbouring streets, one could assume he might need the cash more than lets say the al-fresco coffee shops in Omote-Sando.

Tonight back in Tokyo, i found a chicken specialist restaurant which was seemingly a haven for hard-worked businessmen and woman after their long hours. We ordered a large selection of the `meet` on offer. Hilariously Jamie emptied the entire soya pot over his bowl and our table when trying to be as careful as possible. Funnier still was me trying to share the `meet` pieces off a stick and flinging the food all over the floor in the process landing with a splat next to the businessmen`s feet. My jaw dropped with embarassment, Jamie laughed and the waiter said politely: "Oh...my G-d". Amusing.

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