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Osoyoos, BC From Anarchist Mountain Viewpoint

Premier Lake, BC

It was cool and clear departing from Harrison Lake early this morning. I stopped in Agassiz for gas and breakfast. Did you know A&W can have a full breakfast (bacon, eggs & toast) ready real quick? Their coffee is served in a mug too.

It was getting cooler as I rode. I stopped before hitting the highway and put on warmer gloves and a jacket liner. The temperature dropped and could be felt particularly in the shade with the climb to Manning Park and I was getting cold. I stopped at the lodge and put on some riding pants and plugged in the electric liner. Soon after I was toasty as the liner quickly heated. The electrically heated grips did a terrific job of warming my palms. A while later my whole hand was comfy. My legs warmed up soon after.

What a great day it was for riding. Cool and clear and very little traffic. The few RVs and rigs were dispatched with ease. There was an amazing lack of enforcement today as I noticed but one RCMP and he was in pursuit in the opposite direction.

I could smell the mist in the early morning and the fresh forest scent. There was a strong cedar aroma from passing logging trucks. Closer to the interior was the sweet smell of just cut hay. Occasionally you can smell cigarette smoke from the car in front. Sometimes it is not from cigarettes. Sometimes it is burning brake linings overheating on a descending mountain pass. There was also the smell of hot asphalt while the traffic ground to a halt in Grand Forks.

I made it about 750 K today to Skookumchuck, BC in time to have dinner with my sister-in-law Alyson and her 90 year old Dad, Alistair. We had a really nice BBQ dinner and Al showed me some good routes to take on the way to Mount Rushmore.

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