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Mum, I think we found that Keg of Whisky dad bought for...

Em, Alex, and what's left of our food!!!

As I have said previously our hotel is very nice.

But seeing as it's only GBP 9.00 a night and as we found out today you get free breakfast as well we think it's an absolute bargain!

So we JUST missed breakfast this morning (7.30 - 10.30am) but they were nice enough to make us complimentary bread and jam as they could see we had got up about 40 seconds ago!

From here we wandered down the road to a recommended 'Fruit Shake' shop.

When we got there imagine our surprise when we found Alex waiting there as well!

I told you it was a small place!

We sat in there chatting to him all afternoon and at about 5pm we decided to get changed and then go out for something to eat in the evening.

We met Alex at the same bar we had been in the previous evening where we had a few beers and something to eat.

We left at closing time (that's the only thing that's a bit of a bugger here - everything is closed by midnight!).

We hung out with Alex for a bit and then finally crashed at about 1am.

Sweet Dreams


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