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Emma hiding in the Temple somewhere

The main sacred Temple thing!!! Sorry for being vague - I haven't...

The Temple and courtyard

Em boggs-out a Buddha

A happy Buddha with lots of little bubba buddhas hiding in the...

A few more Buddhas

I prayed for a a Big Mac and some Jaffa Cakes

Em said if we were buddhas....... I don't think Em can cross...

An ancient space rocket. It ran on hair. That's why all monks...

Yes it's another Buddha. But this one has been jazzed up a...

We walked past this monks and they were just swearing and spitting....

Em about to fall off her chair in the hotel courtyard.

We got up late today so we got ourselves a fruit shake for brecko and then wandered up to a Temple/Monestary a few roads away.

I forget the name of it but it was the only one not damaged when the city was ransacked in the 19th Century.

It was very pretty and held our attention, until lunch anyway!

I think we just hungout for the rest of the day and then had some fud and drinks in the eveno.


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