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The carnage of the bus on the 2nd leg to Laos!!

Giant Tuk Tuk from the bus station into Vientiane with all the...

Irish dude on the right was like a gay(er) version of Bing!

And some more Westeners! These 2 were Aussies who used to work...

There was like an open air aerobics lesson on the main street....

A drink in the roof bar Bor Pen Nyang. Wicked view of...

Sunset/dusk on the Mekong

Em decides to concentrate cos I always beat her at pool. That's...

And it entirely pays off. She beat me 2-0....

First chess now this. I can't take it anymore!!!

Luckily just after our sleeper coach drove off into the distance without us our new coach arrived.....and it was ramo!!

We got on and were told there were 2 seats on the back seat.

The only trouble was that the ENTIRE aisle was thigh deep in luggage, so everytime we had to get out we had to climb up and down the bus on the arm rests/head rests of the seats on the aisle. Even these old Asian women were doing it like it was the normal thing.

Very wierd.

Also we had boxes of unidentified stuff where our leg room should have been so our legs were buggered by the time we got to Vientiane!

Even though the journey was 'a bit' of a mission and was getting quite painful after 24hrs of traveling, the guys that were squashed in around us were quite jovial and everyone's spirits were still very high.

We finally made it to Vientiane at about 4pm where we all shared a giant Tuk Tuk into the main part where out hotel was.

We said our goodbyes and then headed off to our hotel Mali Namphu.

It was very clean & nice and luckily our room was only on the 4th floor of a 4 story building with no lift! Only messing it's not too bad.....or is it?.......or not?......

We got showered and then headed out for a look around town.

We have so far found it to be a very peaceful place with very friendly non-intrusive people - just how we like it!!

We went for a drink and a game of pool at the bar Bor Pen Nyang which had wicked views of the Mekong river. It was very nice, a bit empty, and Em beat me at pool.

So we left!

We had some fud at a restaurant right by our hotel that was really busy.

Our food was really nice and only come to about GBP 7.00 which was nice.

We also met Alex one of the blokes from the bus/Tuk Tuk again.

It's quite a small place really!

We crashed quite early for some well earned rest!


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