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Peter setting up

Peter - we still have a view!

Trees and privacy - how nice

Hi Friends

Yesterday, August 31, our last day as camphosts went well. Visited with a few people in the campground during the day – cleaned our last washrooms/laundry/rv rental as camphosts. Handed in our keys at 10 p.m. and realized we were ‘free’! We also had a pleasant surprise during the afternoon. A friend of mine from grade two – yes I said grade two – stopped by with her husband for a visit. We have known each other since we were 7 years old! Wow! Long time! They have two great looking Victory motorbikes . They were visiting on the island (south of Nanaimo) and decided to ride up to see us. We took some pictures of me, Connie, sitting on one of the bikes – I don’t think I would be able to ride a motorbike on my own. I think I will stick to my electric bike – not as many buttons, weight or speed! It was a great visit – I’m sure glad they came up to see us.

What a beautiful sunny day today. We are up and ready to go. Packing up the tv, pictures off the walls, putting all breakables away. It only took between 30-60 minutes to have everything ready for travel. Peter hooked up the trailer and it was nice and level – all went really well. We left just before noon after saying bye to a few people who stopped to wish us well. We had a great time here and it was sad to leave – but it was time.

We drove down the highway and the truck pulled the trailer well. Made us feel good pulling the trailer again……if not for the gas prices we would have seriously considered continuing onward and never stopping.

No problems – all went smoothly. We got to the new campground and Peter parked that trailer – and got it where he wanted it in one try! That amazed both of us. We found out a few days ago that a lady who used to live at the other campground now lives here and she prepared a pleasant surprise for our arrival. On the fence she put a ‘welcome Peter & Connie’ sign as well as the streamers hung from the fence (see the picture)! That was such a nice gesture. We really appreciated her thoughtfulness.

We were made to feel very welcome within a short time of arriving. Many of our neighbours stopped by our site to introduce themselves and to welcome us to the campground. It made us feel like we actually moved to a community – not just a campground. What a difference. It didn’t take long to settle in. Peter levelled the trailer as I put all the pictures and breakables back up. Within and hour we were settled and eating lunch! I really like this way of moving – fast, easy and efficient! No large moving vans, packing and unpacking boxes for hours/days on end – for us who move every few years – this is most definitely the way to go!

The TREES – every window we look out has a view of trees. We did not realize how much we missed having trees around until we arrived here today. The fence, bushes and trees gives us a sense of privacy that we did not have living at the other campground. Peter said he felt like we used to live in a fishbowl in the middle of a parking lot. I guess that sums up our previous site. But for the job we were doing, we needed to be out front and visible and it worked well for that position. However, it is nice to have a private treed area to relax now. Looking forward to some good times here.

Till later, relaxing at Shelter Bay, Peter & Connie

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