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Brecko at the Sailing Club. View right of the beach

Aaaaaaand view left

You CAN have your bread and eat it.

Yummy!!! That's just made me hunggggggy again!!!

A very friendly/nutty woman selling fruit on the beach. During our stay...

What's left of the incendry device!

They don't call this the A&E tour for nuffin!!!!

Our GBP10.00 a night room. We like.

Safely wedged in to the sleeper bus!

Em chillaxin! I've just noticed she's nicked my braclet! My 'hetrosexual man-bangle'...

This morning we woke up and went for a special breakfast down on the beach at the Sailing Club again.

The beach (The scene of the crime) was pretty empty when we got down there but you could still just make our shadows that had been burnt into the sand a few days before!!

We both had an omelette for brecko and shared some pancakes and fruit as well!

As before, it was scrummy!

We then spent a couple of hours on the sunbeds (entirely in the shade I may add!) just relaxing on the beach.

At about lunch time we headed back to the internet cafe to see what was going on, and while we were there we managed to book an overnight bus up to Hoi An. Only problem was it was leaving at 6pm tonight. So our relaxing day turned into a slightly less relaxing day as we had a few things to sort out before we left.

We were pretty much all packed up and ready to go by 4.30pm so we headed out to the Why Not Bar at the end of our road for some food before the 13hr coach journey ahead of us.

I had a chicken escolope thing with new potatos (notice the lack of chips!) and Em had a toastie - which were both lubbily.

The main highlight of the meal though was when, for no reason and with no prior warning, Em lighter exploded on the table!

She even had a burned imprint mark on the top of her arm where the metal bit at the top had shot into her.

Honestly it properly could have been a lot worse.

She uses matches now.........

We got the sleeper bus at about 6pm and headed off into the sunset for Hoi An.

We really enjoyed Nha Trang, exactly the beach holiday we needed after a long few weeks.

Photos to follow


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