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Day 151 Wednesday 10th September On the high seas to Argentia then Placentia

It was an early rise for the four of us this morning, we were up and about before 6am, with us all in our van we showered and had breakfast then it was down to the wharf to catch the ferry. None of us got a great deal of sleep last nite due to the heavy rain and winds.

Our ship the Ms Joseph and Clara Smallgood looked quite large in the early morning mist, we departed at 8am. On the dock there a number of racing cars bound for Newfoundland to take part in the Newfoundland Targa Rally, including the local police who also had a rally car entered. It’s a five day event with the cars travelling on the open roads around the Island.

A few stats on this ship: 179m long, 25m wide max speed 22 knots. It’s a little bit like the Spirit of Tasmania (USA readers, that the ship that runs between mainland Australia and Tasmania out of Melbourne) it has a number of lounges, movie room, cafeteria (not a good one I might add) gift shop, cabins etc, the journey will take 17.5hrs.

Once on board we headed up to the passenger level on the ship. The ship is far from full; the parking level appears to be about half full. Both Steve and Bob popped their pills so as not to get sick on the journey. Soon it was morning tea time, so Denise and I volunteered to get the drinks – we went via the gift shop, so it took a bit of time, Steve was about to send out a search party he said.

We bought our computers along so it gave us a bit of time to get up to date with our photos and journal entries – we did a bit of reading and I bought my knitting, it was lunchtime before we knew it. We are less than impressed by the food the cafeteria offered, but managed to find something to eat, dinner this evening was even worse.

A highlight was in the bar they had live music. There was two guys, Dave Pike and Gordon Cormier playing guitars and singing, Lou G I think you would have been impressed, it was very toe-tapping Irish/Scottish/Newfy style of music. They are local artists, usually solo artists, and have been playing together for only 3 weeks. Both have very strong voices, with Gordon playing several instruments, guitar, Mandalay and a small piano-accordion – they were both easy to listen to. They gave 3-4 1hr shows throughout the day, we saw them all. We even bought a couple of CD’s from them which they kindly signed for us, hope they are OK as we didn’t recognise many of the songs on them, but we did enjoy them singing, so we bought them anyway.

It’s now 12.30am and we still have another hour or two to go. An announcement just came over, we have been making good time and we should be arriving around 1.30am, instead of after 2am. The crossing has been so smooth, with only 2 ½m swells a ship this size just glides thru the water, but the boys kept popping their little pills.

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