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We were going to go out with Aunty Pat and Uncle Jim. We are nearing the end of our stay here and would like to go and have another look around Solihull Shopping Centre. Unfortunately Aunty Pat started feeling unwell so Uncle Jim, Rowena and I piled into Uncle Jim’s car and headed off.

Breakfast and all that had been the same as all the other mornings and not worth more than this note. The internet and other small chores took us up to where we are above, on the way to the shops.

We park up and off we wander around the shopping area. First up is a trip to the Touchwood Mall. We have noticed that (at Uncle Jim’s) whenever they want to use the phone they have to sit at the small desk where the computer sits in the lounge, clear away the mouse pad, key board, papers and related stuff to get to the phone. Uncle Jim has a memory like mine and Aunty Pat needs to look up the numbers that he wants in her handwritten diary.

I want to buy them a cordless phone. Not only as something more convenient for them to use, but also as a thanks for putting us up.

But first we have a cuppa and some morning tea. I am not sure how much longer I can take this amount of food and drink without popping, but I am sure that it will be a wee while yet. I do feel that I am on the way though.

Morning tea done we head out into the mall area where I find the shop and the phone that I am looking for. Uncle Jim sees me buy it but between Rowena and I we bamboozle him enough that he does not pick up that it is not for us.

A visit to a few other shops and it is time to head back to see how Aunty Pat is doing and set up the phone.

Aunty Pat is much better and is in bright spirits as we tell her about our trip to the shops. I start setting up the phone, watched by Uncle Jim and Aunty Pat. It is Aunty Pat that realises first what I am doing. Uncle Jim protests the gift but there is not much he can do (hehehe) and soon I have the phone installed and on a charge.

A bit of adjustment and we have it all set up.

Then it is down in front of the TV for the guys, out with the cross-stitch for Rowena and onto the net for me. That pretty much takes care of the rest of the day.

Tea is faggots, mushy peas and potatoes (one last time) and murder mysteries of one or another Agatha Christie hero before heading off to bed.

Tomorrow we will head off to South Wales to meet up with my Uncle Eric. But for now we enjoy the last short time at Uncle Jim’s and Aunty Pat’s.

Its been nice.

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