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Our Catch

Lake at Carson-Peguss

Only 5 day left before we hit the road. The week was the same old with both of us wrapping up our businesses. However on the weekend I decided to take the boat back to my brother’s place, west of Edmonton, for the winter. From there we headed north of Whitecourt to a little lake in Carson-Peguses Provincial Park to catch some Rainbow Trout.

Well the adventure was very interesting if you know my brother, Lawrie, we finally got away from his place around 8:00pm on Friday evening and after a 2 hour drive we arrived at the campgrounds, he was pulling his 5th wheel and I was pulling the boat behind the our F350. The campground was extremely dark as there were no services and no street lights. After manoeuvring in the dark we finally got the 5er backed into our camp site, I the manoeuvred my truck & the boat to fit in front of Lawrie’s truck and 5er, it was after 11:00 when we finished.

Then the fun started, I was walking towards my truck to lock it for the night and Lawrie was standing in front of his truck, all of a sudden I heard him say "my truck just locked itself with the lights still on & the keys inside". I turned around and sure enough it was locked with all lights still a blazing. We tried everything to open the door but to no avail. Lawrie then called Joann to see if she had the spare key, well she did and we decided to try an old trick to unlock the truck by having her press the keyless unlock button at her end and transmit the signal through the cell phone. In spite of what has been said on the internet this does not work and we remained locked out. The next thing we tried was to call Ford Road Side Assistance to see if they could help, well it turned out that they could but it would be at least an hour before anyone would out to our location. At this time we decided to head into the 5er and wait. On my way to the 5er I walked in front of Lawrie’s Truck and all of a sudden the alarm, horn and flashing lights started, it was very loud and the time was now after midnight. Again it seemed his truck had a mind of its own. As the noise continued campers that were sound asleep around us began to wake with a few of them yelling for us to be quiet. Well there was nothing we could do, then all of a sudden the honking stopped and the truck decided to quiet down, the lights were still on and the doors were still locked but at least it was quite.

About ½ hour later the tow truck arrived from Ford Roadside Assistance, within seconds the truck was unlocked and Lawrie turned out the headlights, then he commented that he could not find the truck keys that he thought he had left in the truck. So I walked around the front of the truck to go to the passenger side to help him look, on my way past the front of the truck I felt something move as I had kicked something on the ground, I reached down in the dark and low and behold there were his truck keys. Well it seemed that when he had walked in front of the truck earlier he had dropped his keys. On the next pass he must have stepped on them and pushed the lock button, about a ½ hr later I walked in front of the truck and stepped on the keys again this time activating the Panic button. It was quite a start to our fishing weekend.

Oh yes the next day the fishing was fantastic with us catching our limit as well as having extra’s to eat while we were there. Sunday around noon I headed back to Cochrane with a great fishing story.

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