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So we made it to Walvis Bay, Namibia finally. We got to the airport and just before we were about to board they told us the plane was overweight and that 2 passengers would need to get off. One lady volunteered but then we waited for an hour before another person finally volunteered. That is when they finally gave away a free flight.

So we were over an hour and a half late leaving the airport. Then we got on our small plane in the stormy weather and headed to warmer pastures, so we thought. It is quite cool here also, so we are just hoping that the sun is coming soon. The keep saying that it will get warmer soon. It's a good thing that we are not in Cape Town as it is cold and rainy for the next 3 days.

We walked around Walvis Bay for about...10 min until we saw the whole town and now we are waiting to go to another place that has all the sand dunes.

There has been a bit of a mix up this morning. Our itinery said that we would be picked up at 7am and our flight (air taxi) left at 8am but at 7:20 there was still no one here. We are now told that we will be picked up at 10:30am.

Anyways, we will write again soon.

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

Love you all,

Holly & Lori

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