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The Moon, the Boat, What more could you need.

Standin' in the trees.

Dipping the toes!


A few days ago we did a ‘trial run’ – we ran away from the campground for a few hours. Unfortunately we still had the campground cell phone and did get a few phone calls but we did get out sightseeing and relaxing for a little while in Campbell River. We took a walk along Robert Ostler Park and took this photo of the moon rising over the ships. A few minutes later Peter also caught me posing between the trees!

On another day we decided to walk across the highway, down to the ocean, by the campground – I told Peter I just had to dip my toes into the water. It wasn’t as cold as I expected it to be…..I was amazed.

As usual, we go to town or down to the water and we can’t stay long. The campground phone rings and we have people arriving looking for a campsite, so we must go back. We are really looking forward to the days when we can relax and just enjoy ourselves.

It will be soon.

Looking forward ….. Peter & Connie

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