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My room, spacious enough for a bed and my bags, just! :D

The kitchen, my favourite place of any house.

Me with Liz, Helens daughter, she's beautiful!

Amura with Liz by the old school sewing machine on the front...

People here build when they have money, and then stop when it...

Long time no blog (seems like it anyway)

Hope everyone's well back home! The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a laze (relatively) for me, except for some little things I've done towards the projects we're doing over here. I went out to the capital of Uganda, Kampala, the signs that they have here are hilarious, but the ones in Kampala are ESPECIALLY great. I saw a few with Sugar-Daddy related themes on them, and one from the government as we were driving that simply proclaimed "SHARES!!!", with no other information on it...

I'm still a bit put-off by the number of people who begin talking to you, and then ask you outright for money, but I am learning to now ignore the bodaboda riders who continually ask to take you places. From what I've heard from the other volunteers, it's alot worse for the women here who walk around without a male escort, and even then they will ignore the guys and hassle the women. The power rests in relationships almost entirely with the men here, and it disgusts me the number of people here who have wives, as well as girlfriends "for fun". I know that they have different ways of living to us, but I still get surprised by how the men here discuss their "other" partners with the other men, even within the organisations I'm working with here. As a result, the women here are very untrusting (who can blame them), and more than once the partners of a few of the guys have called me to check whether they really are where they claim to be.

In other news, I'm now working with another volunteer on a project for teaching life skills to kids in remote schools (basically AIDS education, relationships, communication etc). We're trying to put as many condom games as we can in! :D I went out to one of the schools to go and talk to the head teacher, but almost all of the teachers are away for school holidays which finish on monday! I eventually managed to find one living in a group of shacks out the back and talk to her about setting one up, she seemed fairly excited about it, so fingers crossed we get approval for it! I'm also helping another volunteer from an American organisation, FSD, in setting up a book full of stories and pictures from the kids that TASO sponsor to go to school. The tricky bit is locating all of them at the different schools and getting permission to use them in a published book, but if we have it done before I'm finished I might mail some home!

The power's been out almost everyday, and this website hasn't been loading properly for a little while, so sorry that it's taken so long for this to get out to you guys!

See you next time ^_^


PS. I shaved off my chinbeard this morning, and Barbara screamed when she saw me! I will have to see what reaction I get if the afro gets removed too later on... :P

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