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It's pretty impressive, I think

Can you have too many lighthouse pictures?

Once we got ourselves straightened out again, we got back on the road to Charlottetown. By far the most impressive thing on this route was the Confederation Bridge. I still haven't worked up the nerve (let alone the funds) to take the RV on a ferry. We seriously considered taking the ferry back from PEI to Nova Scotia, but in the end, it was a wash as far as costs were concerned. But that would be looking into the future from this day and we can't do that. Can we?

Anyway, other than getting lost, the drive to Charlottetown was fairly uneventful. To the GPS credit, there is a new interchange in Moncton that hasn't yet been included in the maps we have (maybe I should buy that upgrade after all), and as usual, I didn't look at a "real" map before we started. So when I was told to take a road that didn't exist, and didn't, and I took a road the GPS didn't know existed, and had the New Brunswick Road Planning Team to contend with, well, we got slightly lost.

We took a strange road to the bridge instead of following the major highway. But it was a paved road (nice!) and though it wasn't very wide, it also wasn't busy. And we got to see some unconventional views of the Confederation Bridge that we wouldn't have seen if we'd stuck to the main road. Besides it was considerably shorter, not to mention faster than the recommended route anyway. So in fact, the GPS was better in this case. We forgave her for the Moncton screw up, but it took until the next day. Again we're looking to the future!

Once we arrived in PEI, the first thing we did was sample Cows Ice Cream. It's reputed to be "The Best Ice Cream in Canada". Of course we don't believe they tried the soft serve from Milky Way in Regina. There was some caveat about hand dipped vs soft serve in their statement, so I guess they're OK. I admit if you're a flavour junkie, their ice cream is really good. It beats Ben and Jerry's and Baskin Robbins for sure. But I'm a vanilla and chocolate freque and when you compare Milky Way vanilla to Cows vanilla, sorry, Milky Way wins. And don't get me started on a hot fudge sundae. For hand dipped, my all time favourite is Laura Secord's French Mint, hands down. If only they stocked it. I seem to be peering into the future again here though. We certainly didn't have three different ice creams on this first visit.

There's a little "community" just as you cross the bridge into PEI. We needed the stop anyway. Cows ice cream was highly recommended by the guy at the Koyman Gallery in Ottawa. I remember seeking the perfect ice cream in Ottawa when we lived there and never could find anything like Milky Way, so we have to forgive the guy for not knowing about it. After all it's an ice cream store that is only open in Regina, and only from May to September at that. No wonder it's special!

We had two choices of campgrounds near Charlottetown. Neither was located really close, but most things in PEI are reasonably close. We chose the first one and paid for three nights.

We got into the campground around 2:00 and were setup by 3:00, so we decided that we could go replenish our supplies. The GPS listed both a Sobey's and Atlantic Superstore nearby. We also wanted to check out the other campground on our list, since it was just up the road.

It turned out that there was a bike rally coming in to the other campground that weekend (Labour Day) and they didn't have any vacancy that could accommodate our RV available. So we decided to stay where we were.

Tomorrow we are going to check out the rest of Charlottetown and see what we can find.

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