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whoops too close!

I know its over a month since i went to Cairns but im just not used to having an old fashioned camera with old fashioned film. Firstly you have to pay to see the photos by printing them! (thank god for the digital age) and then you cant show them off to anyone when your the other side of the world as they're not nice little 'jpeg' files that you can just zip onto the journal...

ok the reason i am using words like 'digital' and 'jpeg' is because i am trying to make you all believe that i am technically minded and not dizzy at all..i knew that the only way to get my snorkelling photos on the journal was to find an internet cafe with a scanner but i have searched sydney high and low to no avail..

then there i was at work yesterday, merrily looking out the window at the gorge view and i suddenly realised that my cup of tea was actually resting on a scanner! yep thats right i have worked here for a month now and only just realised!

so here are a few of my pics...remember that they might not look very good as its really hard to take photos when a) you have goggles on and a tube in your mouth b) you are swimming c) the fish are swimming a hell of a lot faster than you! but i just wanted to give you an idea of what it looked like.

love vik x

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