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The eagled eyes amoungst yuo may notice that I got burnt wearing...

Trying to catch the f@#king bird!! If Russell Brand was in Twins...

Ems sunburn! I couldn't fit all of mine in one photo!

That was Em's panied face everytime she moved for 4 days! Shortly...

You could fry an egg on my knees!!

Being in a beautiful beach town is brilliant, except if you smell like burnt hair and bacon!

We/I was woken up this mornin when Em screamed at a little bird that had flown through our window.

So heroicly I peeled myself off of my bed sheet again and then tried to catch the little bugger with all grace of a sunburnt fat man with slippery cream on him!!

I eventually caught it and then had to go down to the street to let it go. Before I went Em had to put my shorts on for me as my hands were tied. Queue 2 minutes of slapstick comedy with me trying to move my rather stiff and burnt legs into my shorts while Em struggled to manouver herself, all the while trying not to srape my legs while she did it!

Laurel and Hardy would've been proud!

All this before 6.30am as well!!!

We went out for brecko at about midday and we found a place that had ACTUAL heinz baked beans! Done and Done!!!

This afternoon we've again spent out of the sun in an Internet place trying to update the website on a very tempremental computer!!!

In the evening we went to Buffalo Bills Steak House, which unfortunately sounded better then it turned out to be.

We wanted a bit of dinner TLC so Em had a cheese burger and I went for a steak.

Em's food arrived at the table within 2 minutes after we heard a "PING" from the microwave next to the massive grill which didn't even appear to be on!

My steak was ok but not worth the GBP6.00 I paid for it!!!

Back to the toasties I think!!


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