Emma and Sophie round-the-world '05 travel blog

The view from the bus as we entered Cairns

Us and Keenan in front of a massive waterfall

Us with Tracey on our night out

One for the aunties! A wee pic of Keenan

The Aboriginal dancers

Emma trying her hand at boomerang throwing

Soph with a wee kangaroo

Kangaroo with a little joey in its pouch

Gerry being chased by the mad cassowary bird

Emma with a big kangaroo

Having a good scratch!

Our swimming spot

Us at our swimmimg spot

Us swimming

Fashion parade in the rainforest

Another Keenan pic

We arrived in Cairns on Friday night, greeted by Emma's cousin's family (the O'Sullivans for those of you in the know and for those who don't that's Tracey, Gerry and their son, Keenan) and some major torrential rain, brought to us by a cyclone that's been hanging about off the coast to the north.

Even though it's raining so hard, it's still fairly warm so for everyone here it's a case of shoes off, business as usual.

On Saturday we went out with Gerry and Keenan to some waterfalls and a lake that they like to go to for a bit of canoeing and a wee swim. When we reached the 'lake', the whole area had been turned into a massive raging torrent. No swimming for us. Also, due to the rains the waterfalls were a lot larger than usual. They were awfy pretty. Timotei city!

We saw our first wallaby while we were out driving. So what if it was road kill? It was still a wallaby and we still saw it!

That night we went out in Cairns with Tracey and some of her work mates. The place we ended up in was pretty good but played about two (maybe three which would be a record for the places we've been in) up-to-date songs. We still managed to bust our moves, of course.

On Sunday it was raining. We went with Tracey up into the rainforest, hoping to go swimming in some watering holes there. We braved all the dangerous wildlife (you even have to watch out for the trees up here!) but when we got to the swimming spot we decided against going in. It would've been like white water rafting without the raft. Not too good for your health. We headed into Cairns to the man-made lagoon at the waterfront and finally got our swim there.

That evening we had a quiet one, watching the musical classic that is Fiddler on the Roof. We've been singing the songs for days, now..."Matchmaker, matchmaker...if I were a rich man...TRADITION!"

On Monday it was raining. We went into Cairns and had a bit of a wander round the city centre in the rain.

Yesterday it stopped raining for a wee while. We spent the day at the place where Gerry works, a rainforest place that has Aboriginal demonstrations and a wee zoo.

We were taken on a trip through the rainforest in a WWII amphibious landing craft, being shown all sorts of weird and wonderful plants and animals. Next we were treated to some Aboriginal dancing. Had an amazing lunch then a wee wander round the zoo. We were allowed to watch a MASSIVE crocodile being fed and met some kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, wombats, etc. Reet proper guid!

Last night we had another wee night out in Cairns. We were enticed into a club by their amazing music and their special offer: $12(about £5-ish) entry, including 5 free drinks! We were well chuffed with ourselves until we got in and suddenly the music changed. You know those CDs that you can get for 89p in Asda's bargain bins, things like "MC Ravin' Richie Ibiza hits of the summer". It was worse than that...

There was also a plethora of weird yins. Here's a couple of examples...guy on dance floor tried to chat us up by waving a red hankie at us then starting to do a magic trick. Guy walked past Sophie and said "Come next door!" into her ear as he carried on into the next room. Didn't even look back. Ehh, don't think so! On the way to the loo guy said to Sophie "C'mere for a hug" She politely declined. He moved in anyway. Thankfully he wasn't one of the sweaty ones. There were loads of them! Some guy spoke to us about 4 times, always thinking we were new. We told him different things each time, "We're from here/USA/France/Ireland (Emma got caught when she said she was from Sweden and he started speaking Swedish haha). Each time in our Scottish accents. Don't worry, we were "weirdo safe". They weren't unlike the dingos from Fraser Island. We just made sure to always stay together and watch each other's backs. Things soon picked up...

The music suddenly became AMAZING! So for about an hour we could forget the weirdos and get down to some serious bustin' on the dance floor. When the free drinks ran out and the DJ broke out Ravin' Richie again we headed for home.

Today we saw the sun. It was Tracey's day off today so we packed ourselves some lunch and headed to see "boulders". This was some big rocks, as the name would suggest.

We drove up to a lovely spot in the rainforest that Tracey says is usually mobbed at the weekend. Being Wednesday morning, we had it to ourselves. The river there was gorgeous, really clear and deeper than usual. We went in swimming, letting the current pull us about and amusing ourselves by singing those old "Fiddler" favourites..matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match...

Final wee bit of excitement when Emma found a leech that had been sucking blood from her foot!

Take care,

Emma & Sophie


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