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Mon 8-25

Left Watson Lake in the bright sun shine, been a while since we’ve had sunny skies. Not much to report with our travels. We have seen some wild life, a small heard of Bison, a few caribou, two moose, one wild horse and a wolf standing at the edge of the woods. The wolf was just standing there watching the traffic. Speaking of traffic, there is very little of it. One would think yer out here all by yourself, hardly ever come up on anyone and very few go by us. We’re getting into more truck traffic now that we are getting further south.

We spent the night in a turn out about 10 miles south of Fort Nelson. We both read for about an hour, then Ruthann beat me in a King’s in the corner card game. Then after a salmon dinner, she said do ya think we might have any television, “I said check an see”. We watched CBC for two hours before retiring for the night.

We’re goin’a make Fort St. John this afternoon and make our turn south heading for Prince George and the border at WA.

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