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As this was a passing through point only I'll say a few words as to the kids' interactions with locals. We (as any Western travellers to Asian countries will know instinctively) are constantly asked where we're from. Almost no-one has heard of Vancouver although we get an occasional nod as to a relative in Montreal or Toronto. The kids, who receive vastly more unsolicited attention than we, are constantly asked how old they are (Ni, ji sui?), for their names, and to have their photos taken as mentioned in an earlier comment.

Robin, whom the locals seem most enamoured with, is quite adept at answering these questions and generally poses happily for the photos. We joke as to the numbers of photo albums we'll be in across Asia. However, occasionally he has just had it and refuses either to tell his age, his name or to have his photo taken. On a few choice occasions he has even stooped to yelling "Mei-yo" (No!) to folks who don't take easily take no for an answer, and the response is shocked indignance. We have made it clear that it is his choice whether to entertain these constant requests, and more often these days he is choosing to decline. Then inevitably Adrian jumps into the photo which prompts Robin, not to be outdone, to jump in as well. Either way the kind folk end up satisfied.

We do not of course condone yelling, although I suppose Robin naturally does as his parents do,and, on a few choice occasions, both Faye and I have resorted to an intense yell and even a shove in extreme circumstances to keep would-be vendors at bay.

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