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This morning we got a cab an hour up to Bandra where the BA office was.

We checked out of our hotel and took all our stuff with us confident that everything would work out ok!

As Bandra is 10 minutes from the airport we thought we'd just get a hotel up here for the night (as we had to be at the airport at 3am 2mo morning if we are able to change our flights) rather than catching a cab from our hotel at the bottom of mumbai which would take over an hour.

Anyway we got to the BA office at about 10.30am and were sorted by about 10.35am!

It didn't cost us a penny to change our flights either (Trailfinders had advised it would cost GBP 20.00 each + admin + charges!) which made a nice change!

We then spent the next 3 hours trying to find and internet cafe so that we could find/book a hotel by the airport tonight and also book somewhere for when we arrived in Vietnam.

After eventually finding somewhere we got a Tuk-Tuk (with all of our bags squashed in!) up the the hotel (Hotel Metro International) about 5 mins from the airport.

It was a REALLY nice hotel (compared to what we had previously) but because of that and the location it was twice as much to stay there!!

There was a free shuttle to the airport though which was very handy as we weren't quite sure about how to find a cab at 3am!

We basically had some room service in the evening and tried to catch a couple of hours sleep.

Oh yeah it seems that as the room cost twice as much you had to tip people twice as much as well!!

I'd give them the same as in the other hotel and then they'd just hang around doing stuff in the room until I gave them some more! Scumbags!!

Oh and also they over charged us when we booked in so called me and said they were sending someone up with my refunded money.

I then had to TIP the dude who brought me my money up!!!!


Anyway nice room though!


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