Summer 2008 travel blog

On Stage

Day 2 of the Tournament. The second day of the 2 day tournament arrived, we needed a good catch to place us in the money. The second day the flights were reversed as we were now in the 4th flight leaving at 8:00am and returning by 4:00pm.

The day started out very slow, by 11:00 am we only had 1 very small fish in our live well. We the decided to head down to the Eagle’s Nest (a favourite fishing spot) to see if we could start catching fish. We had no sooner dropped our lines in the water when Connie caught a 20.5 in walleye, further along the drift I added a 17 in walleye ands a 15 in walleye. We then decided to do our first weigh in with our 2 larger fish, this was around 12:30pm. After finishing our 1st weigh in we proceed back to the area Connie had caught the big fish at the day before and low and behold it was my turn, at the same spot at 1:20pm I caught a 8.8 lb walleye, we weighed it in and then proceed to look for some better slot fish to finish up, unfortunately all we could add was a small 13incher to go round our catch. At the end of Day our day weight was 14.9lbs for a total 2 day catch of 32.65lbs. This gave us a 5th place finish for the tournament as well placed us 1st in the mixed portion of the tournament. We received a check for $1170 for 5th place finish along with 2 automatic Seiko watched for winning the mixed. We were both quite please with our finish and look forward to the 22nd annual Premiers Cup next year.

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