Summer 2008 travel blog

1st Flight

Getting Ready

A good day

Day 1 of the Tournament. There are a 156 teams entered in this 21st edition of the The Premier’s Walleye Cup (even the Premier was present). Our team number is 36 so that means we are in the first of 4 flights of boats to depart starting at 7:00am and leaving every 20 mins until all flights are out. We are allowed to stay on the water fishing 8 hours so that our weigh in time would be 3:00pm, again flights come ion every 20 mins until all are weighed by 4:00pm. Each team is allowed 1 fish over 70 cm and 4 under 55 cm, all fish must be kept alive to be released back into the lake after being weighed. All teams must weigh in at least twice as the maximum number of fish allowed in the livewell is 3.

Well the day started out to be excellent, Connie caught a 21.5 in walleye just 15 mins into the tournament, we both caught a couple of fish in the Red Zone 55-70 cm that we could not keep. We then picked up a 15.5 in fish and things slowed down. Around 11:30 we decided to weigh in the 2 fish we had that way we could stay out until our final weigh in time at 3:00pm. After weighing in our 2 fish we headed back out to look for the big one, Around 1:30pm in a spot that we had prefished Connie caught 10.2 72cm Walleye, we were both excited as she reeled and I netted the catch. Once we had the fish in the live well we decided to take no chance and headed for the weigh station. After weighing we still needed 2 more fish under the 55cm, we caught one 15in and another 18 in up by the railway bridge. That was it for the day our total weight was 17.75lbs which put us into 9th place out of the 156 teams.

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