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Seal Colony

Some beach just outside Greymouth

I told Kelly to look drunk... in the Monteiths brewery

Next stop was Greymouth, which was - well small. Stopped at a few nice, scenic places on the way - but I didn't think Greymouth was really anything special. Went on a tour of a Monteiths brewery and got "free" samples of all the beer then an all you can eat barbeque, which was only all you can eat if you chose to eat the sausages. I took full advantage of this and about ten sausages and a few pints of my newly found favourite beer (Monteiths Radler if you're interested) later I felt extremely bloated and was ready to sleep. Some other lads had other ideas and started fighting in the dorm at daft o'clock in the morning. After a stern ticking off by myself I managed to drift back off to sleep.

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