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Park Rangers being brought out to the ship, while the ship is...

Park Rangers stepping aboard the ship for the visit to Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard Glacier in the background with another cruise ship sitting in front,...

Serenade of the Seas ship leaving Hubbard, now it's our turn !!

Up as close as the Captain can get to the glacier

Absolutely beautiful and awesome!

Calving, where the ice breaks off of the glacier and falls into...

Beautiful snowcapped mountains almost everywhere you look

My towel animal for tonight, a lobster!! My Cabin Steward makes a...

About 6 am this morning, I woke up and noticed the ship was rocking and rolling a little. We hadn't had any of that until then. It was nice to sleep by, but when I got up a little later, I had to get my "sea legs" on! We were out in the Gulf of Alaska which had some 10 foot waves going which isn't too big for a ship of this size.

Today, we didn't stop in any port. We went further north/northwest to Yakutat Bay to see Hubbard Glacier which is the largest tidewater glacier on the North American continent. It is 76 miles long, with an open calving face that is over 6 miles wide...and we got to see some "calving"!! It was just beautiful. I know my pics won't do it justice as it's just hard to even explain. Awesome was a word that kept going through my head. It's size is unbelievable. When we first arrived, there was another cruise ship sitting in front of it. I got a pic of it that helps show the size. Only one ship is allowed in at a time. That cruise ship left and then it was our turn. We spent about 2 hrs there and the Captain slowly turned the ship several times so that we could get different views of it. The sun was out and every few minutes the color would change. We've been told we are very lucky these last couple of days as the sun hasn't been out much this summer. Yesterday in Juneau, they said it was only the 6th day of sunshine in the last 2 months!! It was still cloudy out, but the sun was shining through almost all day! Same today....perfect! It helped as it was a bit chilly out on deck today.

If you're looking at the map on the homepage of my travel blog, the #4 is not actually where Hubbard Glacier is. It's not on this map, but that's the closest thing to it. We could see Mt. Elias. Hubbard Glacier is the little blue indentation just below Wrangel/St. Elias and just above Glacier Bay NP name on the map.

It is almost 6 pm now and we are back to the Gulf of Alaska and a little rocking/rolling (a nice amount...enough to remind you that you're on a ship).

We're headed for Sitka, AK for tomorrow. I'll get some Russian/American history tomorrow while there.

As soon as I can I'll post some pics of Hubbard Glacier.

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