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Hey all,

still at the Bangkok airport waiting for my flight, only another 6 or so hours to go! Hopefully this is working fine, let me know if there's anything I need to adjust (I *KNOW* there's a tutorial to run through, but I suspect my brain now resembles a grey slurpee, and grey slurpees are known for their atrocious recall ability. Anyway, I'm enjoying the trip so far, most of the reason I'm tired is that I spoke to the two guys next to me for about 9 hours non-stop, It's strange sitting down next to someone you've never met before, and then by the end joking and talking like you have known them for years.

I'm that I'll have that experience when I finally arrive at Entebbe airport, then get transferred to Jinja, which is where I'll be staying with a host family for part of every week. I have no idea what to expect of this journey, and it's a little scary going into a country you've never been to, with people you've never met, flying completely solo for the first time! I'm not worried at all, but realising exactly what it is that I'm doing has suddenly dawned on me, and I know I've already long past the point of no return for it. I started talking about doing this, but its now alot more than just talk, or an idea, im doing this! ^_^

Anyway, I have 90 seconds to finish off before my time runs out. So until next time, stay safe, I'll be thinking of you!


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