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Entertainment at the bandshell in Chemainus

Larry helping Marlene with her e-mail

The view from the Hamblins site in Parksville

The new store at West Shore Shopping Centre

Westshore Inside 1

Westshore Inside 2

Westshore Inside 3

Westshore Inside 4

Thetis Island

Kuper Island



Pilkey Point, Thetis Island

Pilkey Point

Cool rock formations!

A little bay



Purple starfish

These little kids were so excited when they saw a fish.

Our site at Country Maples

On August 12 we arrived at Country Maples in Chemainus and got settled. The weather is beautiful and hot. Country Maples is part of the Resort chain that we are members of - Holiday Trails. It's nestled in the forest, far enough off the road so you don't hear any cars. It's a little dusty and the sites are a bit narrow but it's nice.

Larry had spotted a company in Nanoose Bay that manufactures cottages so on Thursday we headed up there. On the way back we stopped at Parksville to see if Larry's brother, Glenn, was at his RV. Turned out he was in Victoria so we had a nice visit with his wife, Marlene and she fed us lunch as well. The picture shows the view they face every day while they are there! Too nice.

Friday we headed down to Victoria again to see the finished store which was now open. It looks great.

On Saturday, we hung around the campsite. It was very hot and getting a bit humid as well.

Sunday morning we were awakened with a peal of thunder and a few large raindrops. It didn't last and we decided to take the ferry to Kuper/Thetis Islands. Turns out that there isn't much on Thetis and you can't go to Kuper without permission from the Indian Band. We quickly drove from one end to the other then stopped at the pub for lunch. We had some free entertainment on the ferry ride back. The young man ahead of us appeared to be having trouble with his car. He had the hood up and was trying to get into the trunk. It became apparent that the locking mechanism on the car wasn't working and he told us it was a 1986 and had been sitting for a while (it was a VW Jetta). He tried to get into the trunk through the top of the back seat and when that didn't work he went in the porthole that is designed for skis and poles. Next thing the trunk lid pops open and he has a big smile on his face until he realizes he is in a tight fit in the porthole. Fortunately he was able to wiggle and work his way out. Then he proceeded to use some motor oil he had in the trunk to oil the latch and the other door latches. He came back and told us his girlfriend would not happy now that he smelled of motor oil and sweat. He is starting college in Victoria in a week and needs his car to lock properly. Cool kid!

On August 18 we had a visit with Pat and Dave who were also staying at Country Maples. We met them on the cruise and they sat at our dinner table. Small world!

On August 19 we packed up to head up to Cedar for the wedding.

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