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The big one 16 - 3.8

The big one

Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound

Nice catch

Thur. 8-14

Bud & Betsy made it to Valdez Sun. afternoon. Came in with only three tires on the boat trailer. They lost a bearing just south of Glenallen, and came the last 100 miles on three tires. Bud and I got the new bearing on Mon morning, but now he’s having problems with his motor home’s power supply. We had to replace one of his house batteries, finally got that straightened out in the afternoon. Bud’s got two friends coming in later this afternoon from California to go fishing. He ask me if I could be ready in the morning, I said what time.

We had the boat launched by 7:30, and caught our first fish by 9 O’clock. Spent most of the day on the water and came in with 8 fish. Stopped by the derby check in stand to have the big one I caught weighted. It came in at 16 lb 3.8 oz. putting it in 2 place for the day. Check in gal ask if I had a derby ticket, I said no and she said sorry, everyone in the boat has to have one. At the cleaning station a young gal came up to the four of us and ask who caught the big fish. I said I did, and she said could she interview me for the fishing report for the local radio station. I said sure, so now I’m a radio star. Went out again on Wed. and came in with six nice ones. I again was the lucky one to catch the biggest one. Gave most of the fish to the California boys, who left Thursday morning. Bud and I took Thursday off, Bud worked on his power problem and I smoked fish all day.

Heading out in the morning, just Bud and I. Giorgio & Cindy are on their way, thought they might make it today, but haven’t seen them yet. When Giorgio arrives we’ll have another fisherman. More later.

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