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First Wild Koala spotted in Oz

Marie & Sharna enjoying the view en route to the Fort

Horseshoe Bay-our local beach on Magnetic Island

Spotted...Fit English Guy cycling around Magnetic Island

Meeting some Koalas at the animal sanctuary

Marie with some guys she chatted up

Grey Kangaroos

Spent five days relaxing on Magnetic Island, after the hustle and bustle of South East Asia it is nice not to have to think about being so active and instead enjoy the chilled out aussie lifestyle. Magnetic Island is a small Island with not much to do this time of year as it is their "rainy" season, although we didn't see any rain! Hence, why at 9pm we were unable to find and restaurants or pubs still serving food on our first night there. Sharna and Luke headed off to explore the island one day on bikes, cycling to some of the other bays but as i'm so unfit I didn't make it up the first hill and gave up to reside by the pool at our hostel for the afternoon. I met some Aussie guys (Sean & Dave) from Melbourne who were renovating a house on the island and they kept me entertained for the evening, teaching me Aussie slang and taking the mickey out of themselves. Meanwhile Luke and Sharna made it to the nudist beach but once again it was deserted (as most of the beaches apparently were) due to the "rainy" season. Luke got his bum out in a vain attempt to sort out his tan lines, he didn't have much success so has resorted to the old faithful...fake tan.

We walked up to the forts to watch the sunset, en route we saw a koala sleeping so stopped to watch and take a few photos, he woke up and entertained us by yawning, stretching and posing for our photos. We managed to catch the tail end of the sunset which was fairly spectacular and then headed back down to our hostel in the dark-fortunately I was on the ball and was prepared with my torch.

We visited the Koala Park and were allowed to stroke them. We also saw some grey kangaroos, a wambat, an emu and some talking parrots, one of which kept repeating 'Hello Darling' to us. That afternoon we were lounging around by the pool at our hostel when it was overtaken by Rainbow Lorikeets (mini parrots) who swarmed around us and ate bread from our hands and sat on our heads-they were savage little things and hacked away at our arms whilst fighting over the bread. We participated in a quiz that evening and teamed up with Sean and Dave, we didn't do too badly, in fact we were just getting into the swing of things when the girl hosting the quiz decided that she was calling it a night as she was tired so we didn't quite manage to thrash the others.

Marie x

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