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Em after her 12th hit of espresso!!!

Too cool for school. My left hand appears to be spazzing out...

View from Kowloon back to Hong Kong Island

All of these photos are of the same stuff so I'll let...

buildings AND moon...

Ahhhhhhhh. Em's not impressed that I'm getting gingerer!

Bet you wished you worked in this branch Land!

Jackie Chan's got grubby hands!

Jet Li's are nice and clean.

Bruce Lee was officially about the size of my torso.

Pimms O'Clock!

Party boat rocks by...

Russ Abbott was also popular here........ok it doesn't entirely work but it...

Em about to enter the Night Market........

Em eating at the Market

Me drinking at the market!

Didn't make it out till about midday today so just went for a bit of a wander around the main streets by the hotel.

It's really busy and sooo confooosin but it's got quite a buzz about it.

We got a bit lost but found Times Square and about 100 7-11's!!!

We have noticed though that there are NO Internet places around. Absolutely none. We thought we'd be set in Hong Kong for Internet Cafe's but aparently not.

Anyway so we have found one place in the whole of Hong Kong that has it, the Pacific Coffee shop in Times Sqaure. The only problem is though that you can only be on it for 15 minutes!!

Because of this, and trying to find out about visas, flights, lost PSP's, flat problems etc today we drunk a lot of coffee!!!!

Gonna go on the hunt for an Internet Cafe tomorrow.

So most of today was based around coffee drinking however in the evening we got the underground over to Kowloon to wath the "Symphony on light" show which is on daily at 8pm.

Basically they played random music while everyone looked back onto the main Hong Kong island where the lights on the skyscrapers flashed in time!!!

Very surreal but a wicked freebe!!!

After this we went up to Temple Street night market which was a lot of fun, lots of touristy toot, but we had our first bit of haggling!

Had some nice food on the street (not literally) and a couple of stops on the tube later were home. Just like Bethanl Green!!

We like Hong Kong!


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