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We were up early again and started to pack the RV for travel. We made arrangements to check out of the RV park late so we could visit the San Diego Zoo. Advise to potential visitors-go on a weekday during the school year! After finally finding a place to park and unload the scooter we were off to explore the zoo we have all heard about for years. Prepare to bring vast quantities of cash for tickets, food and souvenirs. We chose to ride the tour bus around the park to get a good overview. We soon discovered that there was a tremendous amount of territory to cover and not much time to do so. Since we had gotten a late start we had to choose carefully what we really wanted to see. The vote was unanimous for finding food. Then we visited the elephants and the meerkats because their habitats were close to the food court we chose. There was such a long line to see the panda we decided not to try. Besides, it was afternoon and all the animals had been recently fed so the best pictures of some that we could get were the back ends of sleeping bears and warthogs. We knew we had to get back and finish the RV packing and get on the road to Fountain Valley. Sue and Willie broke camp and Mandi and I took Pearly and headed on up the road. The traffic returning to the Los Angeles area from a weekend at San Diego was horrendous. I have never seen such crazy drivers. Once everyone got to the house, we spent a quiet evening watching TV and chilling out.

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