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1/4 mile of zero clearance

Detour my ass

View of the Deer Run Valley

View of the Deer Run Valley

We were expecting a leisurely spin of 35 miles to a campground to meet with some family

at Deer Run Campground. Hard rain and tight roads gave way to a bridge that was under

construction. With car in tow we followed the detour signs that turned on to a construction site that we could not get out of. We need at least 108 inches(width)

If I had to guess from guardrail to guardrail was 112 inches with beams with less room.

I decided that I'd give up one of the side view mirrors and maybe some body paint.

We slowed to a crawl and with Helen, head hanging out the window, saying encouraging

things like " your going to hit the bridge" or "you have no #@!%^# room" we somehow

made it to the other side. RV intact but the operator was in need of a underwear check.

We tied up traffic on both sides of the bridge and were greated with applause from a car full of kids shouting "good job"! Apparently in New York the middle finger from some of the other drivers means they wanted a wreck and were disappointed. I LOVE NEW YORK

The park stay was great and we found another way out of the park that added 30 miles

to our route. I enjoyed every mile of it.

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