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Just West of Yekaterinburg

The Asia - Europe Marker!

Ural Mountains Village

Ural Scenery

Ural Village II

Ah, Comfort!

Rural Russia

Platform Vendor Of A Different Kind

The Mighty Volga

Volga River Traffic

Last Pot of Noodles!

Golden Ring - East of Rostov Yaroslavski

Dachas West of Aleksandrov

Sergiev Posad

Packed and Ready to Go

We Survived!!

Yaroslavsky Station - MOSCOW!

DAY 24-25: TSR - Yekaterinburg to Moscow

After a quick exploration of the train station, and stepping out into the birthplace of Boris Yeltsin, and the deathplace of the Tsar and his family during the Revoluation, we returned to find two new compartment-mates.

We have nothing to say about them though, because they stayed up on their bunks, did not speak English and kept to themselves. This was a nice way to end our TSR adventure though, as it felt like we were by ourselves ... and it was quiet and it did not smell :)

After Yekaterinburg we heading into the Ural Mountains, which are actually more like hills (but very nice hills!) ... and crossed from Asia into Europe! While we really enjoyed our time in Siberia, it was nice to finally get to Europe and know that more familiar and comfortable things are ahead.

The scenery changed little, but we started to see less of the wooden Siberian homes, more little villages and towns, and more of the Dr. Zhivago landscapes. We took the more northen route into Moscow, past some very old cities and some very nice (although distant) churches. It was exciting to cross the VOLGA river too.

However, it never really stopped raining ... hopefully our pictures turn out okay despite the cloudy backgrounds and dull lighting!

We rolled into Moscow's Yaroslavsky Station right on time ...

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