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Novosibirskaya Oblast

Evidence of Heavy Agriculture

Siberia ...

Our Azerbaijani Friends

Interior of Omsk Station

Sverdlovskaya Oblast - Kamyshlov

Yekaterinburg Station

Inside the Station

DAY 23-24: TSR - Novosibirsk to Yekaterinburg

At Novosibirsk, we realized that we would not have the compartment to ourselves. Instead we had to share with two guys .... two smelly guys. They did not speak English and we could not figure out what language they were speaking!! It became apparent that they could speak Russian, but we could understand very little of that. They infringed on our space a little more than we were comfortable with too ... no one else had ever tried to sit on our bunks or use the table.

So much of this trip was spent looking out the window, watching the scenery change from the typical Siberian to more rolling and populated farm lands.

This was broken up by periodic attempts by one of the guys to communicate with us. It was exhausting! The Russian strategy for dealing with non-Russian speakers is to talk louder and faster ... apparently this helps?! Eventually however, we made better us of sign language, repetition, and our phrase books.

Our cabin-mates were from Azerbaijan, one had a wife and two children at home, and they were on their way to a family wedding in Yekaterinburg. After sharing some more music, and leaving them with some Screech to celebrate with at the wedding, we said goodbye and once again hoped to have the compartment to ourselves!

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