Around the World in 40 Days - Summer '08 travel blog

Tom River - SW of Tomsk

Novosibirskaya Oblast - East of Novosib.

Anton, Laura and Sergei

Novosibirsk Station

DAY 23: TSR - Achinsk to Novosibirsk

When we awoke, we looked out a finally saw the Siberia that we had been expecting all along. Flat, uninhabited, lots of trees.

We spent our time reading, and trading music with 14-year old Anton and his dad. Russians all take English in school for 11 years, and Anton was fairly proficient. It was an enjoyable time ... he got to hear lots of Canadian music (Arcade Fire, Great Big Sea, Nickelback, Oscar Peterson) and we got to finally hear some Russian music that wasn't DANCE or TECHNO!!

In the early afternoon we arrived in Siberia's biggest city, Novosibirsk, but had to say goodbye to our compartment-mates. We were sad to part, but hopeful that we might be the only ones left in our compartment! We left Alexei with some Screech as a thank you for our dinner the night before :)

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