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We spent Sunday at the Sterling Renaissance Faire. My borther Leo gifted us each with a ticket which was very kind of him, and he also gave me a gorgeous orange and yellow rose – I have it in a bottle/vase in the RV now and it adds a very nice touch! We stayed at the faire from 10 – 7, attended eight different shows during the day, and stayed very busy walking up and down the hills to get to the different stages. The faire grounds are pleasant since they are wooded, and the day was not too hot; that is quite different from when we go to the Scarborough Renaissance Faire in TX each year - even though we go in late April or early May, it often is already very hot! Some of the shows we saw at Sterling we’ve also seen in Texas, but others were new to us. We enjoyed the following shows: Danny, Lord of Mischief, a mime/comedian; Ziltch the Torysteller, my favorite, who tells stories using Spoonerisms; The Aerial Angels, my least favorite, who did some aerial acts with scarves and a trapeze, but it was slow and sort of boring; Daniel, the Duke of Danger, who did some great balancing acts and juggling; Paolo Garbanzo, who swallowed swords and fire and was quite amazing; the Wellwenches, who did fun comedy and songs at the washing well; Don Juan and Miguel, the great sword fighters we’ve seen for many years at Scarborough (and who are Leo’s bosses since they own the archery booth Leo manages at the faire); and the Mud Beggar Show, a comedy act where the actors end up getting very dirty in the mud pit! It was a fun day!

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