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the road south to Little Narrows

the ferry coming to get us

we got the middle slot and as far forward as it was...

so they could cram two big trucks on behind us

the view downstream

and a lifeboat in case we hit an iceberg

the road on the other side

this quarry has a conveyor over the highway

the guy leaning on the car waved as we went by

bald eagle

this is called Plaster Cove for this rock formation that is different...

friendly little boat

the ravens seem to like this miniature church

the body of water is St. Andrews Channel - which leads out...

those barnacle looking things on the steeple are really raindrops on our...

a left turn on the scenic route

the water on the windward side of the bridges is being blown...

another church and a cleaner windshield

an inland marina on the channel

the Gaelic for Beaver Cove

some bridges here are low and wide

others are high and narrow

roads are rough but the scenery is worth if

that's a Monterey fishing boat!

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Waiting for the Ferry

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Loading onto the Ferry

(MP4 - 1.61 MB)

Crossing on the Ferry

(MP4 - 3.03 MB)

Unloading off of the Ferry

(MP4 - 103 K)

Eagle Flying

(MP4 - 794 K)

Eagle Flying again

Wednesday afternoon - August 5

From the Bell Museum our destination was a campground in North Sydney where we would be near the ferry terminal for the crossing to Newfoundland on Thursday. As usual we took the scenic route which was a lot longer.

The short route goes over the north end of St. Andrews Channel, but the scenic route goes around the south end of St. Andrews Cannel and skirts the huge Bras 'd Or Lake for a ways. It also includes a ferry crossing at a place called Little Narrows.

The only problem was couldn't find any information on the ferry, so we wouldn't know until we got there whether or not they would take our RV. If they didn't it would be a really long drive around.

When we finally got to the ferry it was on the other side unloading some cars. There was no information anywhere so we just got in line behind a car that was already there and took our chances.

The ferry started back toward us and it looked kind of small. As it came toward us the current seemed to be carrying it downstream and I wondered why it was not coming straight across. Then I realized it was on a cable and the slack in the cable let it drift that way.

It finally arrived and dropped it's ramp and unloaded, and the man waved us aboard. a number of other passengers had lined up behind us while we were waiting, and two of them were a dump truck and a utility bucket truck. The little ferry took us all on, and carried us across with no strain at all. On the other side I paid the man five dollars and we drove off onto a narrow winding road that had very little traffic on it.

The rest of the trip was relaxed, and we just enjoyed the scenery and the maze of waterways we passed. Madolyn spotted a bald eagle flying over the water of one channel. It was flying parallel to the road so we got to watch it for quite a ways.

We finally arrived at our campground on the outskirts of North Sydney and settled in for a couple of days. Tomorrow we have some errands to do, and we are hoping to take a boat tour to the bird islands to see the puffins if the weather allows. Then Thursday it's off to Newfoundland on a hundred mile ferry ride! Looking forward to that one!

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