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Em suited up and raring to go!!!

Em is now officially cool after her surfing exploits!!!

This was the 'crazy cups wine drinking ping-pong extravaganza'!!! Just taking a...

Everyone was trying to put it in to Harrietts pink beaker!

Your vision would be blurred too after 10 litres of wine! Em...

Harriett & Jack still going strong! Everyone else concentrated on filling their...

Anyone for a Sheen sandwich?!?!? I love cheap wine!!!

Jack stayed in this pose all night and in fact was found...

"I'll finish my beaker and then I'll try and tame those two...

Harriett was having trouble focusing after a litre of wine so she...

After waking up to an amazing view this morning WE had a surf lesson with Denver the surf instructor/dude.

Funnily enough he had a completely different way of teaching surfing to Toby in J Bay but man it worked!!!!

Yeah I stood up and did a bit of 'surfing', so what, what's the big deal man!!!?!?

Even Em caught a couple of waves*!!!

The sea was pretty mental actually with mahoosive waves and a scary rip curl (the current. Check out the surfer speak though eh!!! Ohhhh shurrup!!) but we survived in one piece and history was made!!!

For those geeks amoungst you (Plug, Madam) I was on an NSP nearly the size of a long board!

Dunno how easy they are gonna be to find dotted about the globe!!

Annnnnyway we had a spot of lunch after that (yes toasties, they didn't have any other ingredients!!) and then the hardcore amoungst us went out again for some more surfing in the arvo!!!!

Every evening there is a free activity and today was the 'Ping Pong & 10 litres of free white wine night'!!!!

It done exactly what it said on the tin.

It started at 4pm.

By 4.15 everyone was smashed!!!

It was very funny and set the rest of the night up.

We met some cool guys called Jack and Harriet who matched us beaker for beaker on the wine, and then mysteriously disappeared as the night progressed!!

Anywho I can't really reme,ber too much about the rest of the evening but it was a very funny night to top off a cool day.

*They were 1 foot but she did stand up........after wiping out, getting clattered by her board, and continuosly knee-capping herself!!


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