2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

getting out of Dingwall

getting out of Cape North

approaching Cabot Landing Picnic Area

Sebastian Cabot discovered Capstick

He had to wade through this surf to do it - but...

and he probably didn't find the grass mowed

Halibut Head

getting out of Halibut Head

arriving in Bay St. Lawrence

the rain that was hitting the windshield is now hitting me

this is the way it looks through my glasses now

so I tried taking them off

and that worked OK until my eyeballs got wet

Bay St. Lawrence church

we're approaching Capstick now

it's down in that valley between two high ridges

Meat Cove is on the other side of that point

city limits

a pink fuel tank to go with the pink deck and the...

looking for a place to pull over and park here

how would you like to have that view in your backyard?

or this one?

it would be hard to find a better one

I could learn to love it here

except there's no place to park

unless you have your own driveway

the one car you see every hour was beeping at me as...

and I got wet again, but who cares - it was worth...

I could sit on that pink deck and solve all the world's...

but alas - it's raining harder, and with no place to park...

to get in or out of Capstick you have to cross this...

"leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories"

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Cabot Landing Provincial Park

This page is dedicated to our friend Don Stein who once owned property near the community of Capstick - Monday, August 4

Capstick as everyone knows, is located somewhere between Dingwall and Meat Cove. Last night we were camped near Dingwall, so this morning we decided to drive up to Capstick and take a picture for Don. It was not as easy as it sounds.

To begin with, it was raining. It had rained all night, but now it was raining harder and the wind was starting to make it scary. Trees were waving like crazy, and some of the gusts were approaching gale force. This was not a good day to go to the mall much less go wandering around the Cape Breton Highlands in a motorhome.

But we have a responsibility to our friends and family, and we take it seriously. There is little we will not risk to ‘get that picture’ and bring you ‘the rest of the story'. So it was today, as we skirted North Harbour and headed up past Cabot Landing Picnic Grounds and Halibut Head.

Roads here are narrow, and they tend to get narrower when runoff washes out big chunks of them. Naturally, places missing the biggest chunks are where you always meet the onrushing eighteen wheeler. Falling into a hole is better than hitting a semi, so you pull as far to the right as you can and you hold your breath until the big truck is past. And you pray that his mirror doesn’t reach out and take your head off.

Fortunately traffic was light (except for the occasional onrushing eighteen wheeler) and I was able to slow down and keep all six tires on the road. We eventually came to the turn off to Capstick, but it was too sharp for our 500 foot turning radius, so we opted to go to Bay St. Lawrence first, and do Capstick and Meat Cove on the way back.

Bay St. Lawrence is a nice little fishing village, and we stopped to take some pictures of the boats. This was tricky because you need the wipers to keep the windshield clear, but the wiper blades are always getting in the picture. We tried turning sideways, and taking pictures out our door window. That worked better if you don't mind getting soaked through the open window.

We finally headed back and this time we managed the turn to Capstick. The road didn’t get any better but at least it didn't get any worse - until you got to Capstick that is. Then it turned to dirt for the rest of the way to Meat Cove. The dirt road looked OK but this just didn’t seem like a day to push our luck. Besides - how did Meat Cove get that creepy name? Was it from the bodies of tourists who got stranded along it's ten mile dirt road? We didn't want to find out.

So we decided to skip Meat Cove and concentrate on Capstick - but that wasn’t so easy either, because in Capstick there's no place you can get off the road! It’s not like you can just pull into a store and park long enough to catch your breath. There aren't any stores and there aren't any gas stations. Just a narrow road with no shoulder, and no place where you can stop and get out of the traffic.

Not that there’s much traffic - but what little there is always comes along at the worst possible time - when you're trying to stop and take a picture.

This is frustrating because in Capstick you really want to take pictures. The houses are so picturesque, and the sea cliffs are grand to behold. It’s a beautiful place, and Don - we tried! What we have here in the way of pictures is disappointing considering what we could have taken if we’d had a little sun and a place to park. But this is it and it’s the best we could do. We hope you enjoy them. :-)

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