Johnsons invade the city by the bay - 2008! travel blog

We pack 'em in tight here!

Maren navigating through a tunnel outside of Wendover!

Heading up toward Donner Summit outside of Reno

Boredom set in quickly even though we had movies and games

We pulled out of home at 6:10 a.m. and pulled into Santa Clara just about 6:30 pm Pacific time! We made it without loosing anyone or killing anyone! It got close! The kids got really stir crazy as we got near Vacaville, but pulled it together and are now dying to go swimming! (Taya - you were dead on with the time! Thanks)

You know, this trip wouldn't have been so bad if you could cut out everything from SLC to Reno. It is one ugly road! But from Reno here, it was nice. Len's birthday is next week and he wanted a GPS for his birthday. I couldn't figure out what in the world he would do with it, but it has been AMAZING! We packed an ice chest full of lunch stuff and had a whole box of munchies. By the time we were in Winnemucca, we were ready to eat. Len put in the request for a park and good ol' TomTom directed us right to it! We had lunch, the kids ran around and we were back on the road. Even Maren took her turn driving! If we could get this driver's ed thing done, she could actually get a real license!

We've been shocked at the gas prices and the variety of prices. Nevada was anywhere from $3.80 - $4.09 at the high end, and even Auburn, CA was $3.99/gallon. But, here in Santa Clara - $4.39 +. I'm sure it will be even more the closer we get to SFO.

We stopped to clean the windshield and take a potty break just after Donner Pass (I can't remember the "town") and there were 2 single unisex bathrooms. The line was about 10-15 minutes to use them. After being in line about 10 minutes, a lady came in - looking quite panic stricken when she looked at the line- then blurted out "I hate to do this, but I HAVE to be next!" When she came out, she went on and on and on about "the flu" and how she didn't know which end it was going to come out of. Made you real excited to have to go in after her! One lady in line finally told her we didn't want to see or hear about her problems!

We're going to find a local ward to go to church tomorrow and then try to meet up with a friend, Fred, from So. Cal. His sister is here from Iran and he is taking her all up the coast. It was mere coincidence that they are in SFO the same time! We'll see what happens!

And the best...we got El Pollo Loco for dinner! Now why can't we get one of those restaurants in UT? For the locals - it is a mexican grilled chicken with all the sides and toppings! I really miss it! I think I drank the salsa!

To make the night fully eventful we had to make a Walmart run at 10:00 at night! Kayla packed church shoes but skirt! The closest one is in Milpitas, about 7 miles away. True to all Walmart Saturday nights, the parking lot was packed and it took over 10 minutes to check out! There was one - really ONE - skirt in the whole store that fit her, so we felt lucky to find it. Nowhere else was open that late and church starts at 9:00 a.m. Too funny! Don't know much about Milpitas, but we were out of place - mostly asian and hispanic splattered with some Indian. But, we saved the day - she doesn't have to go to church in levis!

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