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Larry and Sophie at Jim's

Sue, Jim, Dan and Larry, and a wonderful salad

Bird at the feeder

Towhee at the feeder

On the way up the Coast to Sonora

Beautiful coastline from the helicopter


Nice dinghy!

Coming into Sonora Resort

The helicopter

Heading out to fish

Part of the resort from the water

Lots of power!

Then a pod of about 30 orcas showed up...

no wonder there were no fish!






Interesting markings

Look out!

Brant Louie's house at Sonora - dining room

Tiled entry

Art in the dining room

Back of the fireplace


Pool table

Vaulted ceiling

Fireplace and TV

One of five bedrooms

Bathtub and shower

See-through fireplace

Every bedroom has a hot tub

Outside infrared heater


Sitting area

Beautiful country!

Snowbirds over White Rock



Aaron came over to help wash the motorhome and car

Action shot

The sailboat for the parade


The gang

Driving attire

On July 5 we were invited to a wonderful dinner at Jim, Ingrid and Sophie's with Dan and Sue. We learned a new dice game which was a lot of fun but we'll all have to go back because the winnings went to the house!

July 11 saw the beginning of Canada Cup week with the annual sponsor dinner with Jag and Rupi. Larry and PCS Wireless have sponsored Canada Cup with cell phones for 15 years, the life of the tournament. For those of you who do not know, Canada Cup is the premier event for women's softball in the world, both seniors and juniors (Futures) and also features a Special Olympics section. It's great fun and we see some really great ball. Most of the senior teams were off to Beijing for the Olympics right after the tournament. For as many days as we could we went to see Canada play and went for dinner each night. Every year we catch up with friends we've made over the years - Iris and Darlene have sat in front of us behind home plate for many years.

On July 14 we had appies and wine at our picnic table with Mike and Darolyn, the couple from California that we have come to know (we went to the Pearl with them on our anniversary). They would be leaving on July 18, heading for home. Darolyn lived in Sechelt for a while and also Regina, so we had a connection!

July 15 was the opening reception for the Winfall lottery homes. This is the lottery held each year by the Peace Arch Hospital & Community Health Foundation, where Maureen used to work.

On July 16 we drove to Peachland and stayed with Harry and Pam for the night. Then on to Kelowna for the annual Motorola golf tournament that Motorola puts on for their top TELUS dealers in BC and Alberta. We stayed at the Hotel Eldorado, just down from where we stayed during the Telus Skins Game, and went to the same restaurant for dinner. On the afternoon of the 17th a shopping trip was arranged for the ladies. We had champagne and orange juice on the limo bus and went to Hannah's for lunch (part of the Grand). Then we went to several stops for boutique shopping. The next day a lot of the ladies headed for the mall which happened to be FULL of sidewalk sales. The guys golfed Thursday and Friday, then had their wind-up BBQ dinner at the golf course. Then we all gathered in the lounge of the hotel - there were about 40 of us! The weather was perfect.

The 19th we were back up to Canada Cup again as well as the next, and final, day. Another great event! The weather was also excellent the whole week.

July 27-30 Samsung took Larry and other top performing TELUS Dealers to the Sonora Fishing Resort (an hour off Campbell River). All 12 of them flew from Richmond on a jet helicopter which is owned by LAS - London Air Services which is owned by London Drugs. They also own the private Sonora Resort. Larry and some others caught absolutely nothing, but about five people caught some Tyee and Cod! There was a huge pod of orcas (approximately 30-40) in the bay each day and they either ate or scared off all the fish. It's still a beautiful spot as you can see from the photos. During their time there, the guys were treated to a tour of Brant Louie's new house (he owns London Drugs). It is 11,000 square feet and cost $30 million plus to build. Samsung is extremely good to its dealers and they all really appreciate it and support Samsung as well. During this time, Maureen went to Sechelt for a couple of days to see Kelly and had lunch with a former co-worker, Lori, whose husband happens to be the General Manager at Sonora!

The Snowbirds fly over White Rock every year as a charity event. We were too far away to get really good pictures but a friend of a friend supplied us with some.

White Rock has an annual Torchlight Parade on the Sunday night of the BC Day Long Weekend. The Hospital Foundation planned to tow one of the lottery prizes - a nice little sailboat - through the parade. Larry volunteered to ride shotgun with Scott and provide some refreshments. It was a long day for Jackie and Scott. Their plan was to pick up the boat at Granville Island at 3 pm and take it to the parade staging area then the four of us would go for a nice dinner. The boat pickup ended up taking much longer - first the ball on the trailer was too big (this involved a couple of trips to Canadian Tire for supplies) and then the trailer lights didn't work (more trips to Canadian Tire). They finally got back to White Rock at 7:30. Larry went with Scott, and Maureen and Jackie went to McDonald's for dinner and to pick up extra clothes and the banners. The parade itself was supposed to start at 9 pm but didn't end up starting until about 9:30. Anyway it was fun and everyone loves our hospital!

We said goodbye to many friends we have made during the months we have been at the Pacific Border RV Park with promises to get together when we return. We certainly will!

Our next entry we will be on the road again.

Larry and Maureen

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