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Sinclair Canyon

Iron-rich cliffs of the Redwall Fault

View north from the Kootenay Valley Viewpoint

Rockie Mountain Moose

Today we drove along Highway 95 which runs along the side of the Columbia River Wetlands. The extent of these wetlands is such, we were informed, that they could be seen from outer space. They are known as the “Serengeties” of North America, the wetlands are the migratory home to over 265 species of birds.

After a short break at Radium Hot Springs (a little bit of a nowhere place) we drove into the Kootenay National Park. The road through the park was the first motor road to cross the Canadian Rockies in 1922. As you enter the park you drive through the Sinclair Canyon followed by the iron-rich cliffs of the Redwall Fault. The park is less dramatic than many of others we have visited and there were less trails to walk unless you were really back-country hiking. The highlight of the road was the Kootenay Valley Viewpoint, which gave a birds eye view of surrounding area and the exhibits explained how the view had changed over time.

On our way out of the park at one of the pull-outs we saw our first Canadian moose for 2008. We had seen moose before in Eastern Canada earlier in our trip. We had read that the western moose were smaller than its eastern cousin and that was certainly true of this one. Also their numbers were dwindling in the Rockies as they were competing with elk for the same food source and the elk being more adaptable was winning.

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