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I have to start uploading photographs one of these days!

We've been in our Nations capital for nearly a week now. Finally the driving adventures have dropped. It's considerably harder to have a driving adventure when you don't move. Fuel consumption is way down too, although we've worn a bit of rubber off the Ion tires. Can you imagine that we've filled the tank twice on it since leaving home?

We've had something to do every day since we've been here, but we haven't seen all the people we want to see yet. Strangely, people who are still working don't quite have the same schedules as us. I can't understand not being able to be off say Thursday afternoon. So evenings and weekends don't go very far it seems.

We got some bike accessories last week, thanks to Marek and his knowledge of the bike stores in Ottawa. We found quite an interesting liquidation store and dollar store in the Carlingwood Shopping centre - directly across from each other, but we didn't buy anything, if you can imagine. Ikea was another matter, of course. We have never been able to get out of an Ikea store without buying something. I have been hesitant to go to Lee Valley here though. It's my favourite $200 store that for the last two times we've gone in has turned to a $300 store. I know that I'll buy something quite expensive that will seem like a very good idea at the time. Maybe we'll hold off that adventure until the return trip.

I've driven past the War Museum several times since we've been here and I'm quite anxious to take a tour of it. The building is quite nice and the location is so much better than it was before, even though I kind of liked the old place too. We're trying to fit that in to one day.

What note would be complete without a weather report. Apparently even we didn't bring enough good weather for Ottawa. It hasn't been particularly bad, but it has rained every day since we got here. There hasn't really been any major downpour and it never rains for the whole day. But you really need to carry an umbrella if you're going anywhere because the probability of rain while your out is very high.

We have speculated the last couple of days that we may stay a few more days in Ottawa. Sharon hasn't had her poutine yet - I told her she should have come bike shopping with us - and there are a few people that work downtown that we should meet for lunch or something. We sent out some emails last week and are still waiting for a few replies too. We checked with this campground and they have to move us to an "overflow" spot for 3 days if we extend. There's some equestrian thing going on next door and the campground is going to be full. So we're kind of looking for an alternative location. Strangely, though you'd think there would be plenty of campgrounds nearby, there are few who cater to transient campers. There are plenty that would let us stay for a month or two (or six) though.

I have been collecting plenty of photos and I'm going to post several of them very soon. But uploading photos on a slower, less reliable connection is generally not a pleasant experience. I know, could be reducing the resolution of them to save upload time, but they do it at the web site I'm using and I'm generally lazy. Also I'm used to my personal web site where I usually want the full resolution photos available. Maybe the next batch.

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